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Paradise Valley @ Barbara Review

  When conjuring up images of iconic discos from the ‘70s, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Studio 54 was where it was at. And, sure it was an amazing club. But it also encompassed a class division that early disco was totally against. The Paradise Garage, was all about inclusivity however. Operating out of […]

Stars of Ska: The Melbourne Ska Orchestra Are Back

Stars Of Ska: Melbourne Ska Orchestra Are Back It’s been three years since the Melbourne Ska Orchestra (MSO) released their eponymous album. It generated lots of excitement and arguably put ska music back on the map. Now the orchestra is ready to drop their new album, ‘Sierra-Kilo-Alpha’, and conductor Nicky Bomba is feeling pumped. “We’re […]

Wes Carr: Feels Like Woah

  The old cliché ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ could apply perfectly to former ‘Australian Idol’ winner Wes Carr. After his first song ‘You’ hit the #1 spot in 2008, and another gold single ‘Feels Like Woah’ followed, it seemed Wes was about to emulate other talent show performers. However, while Wes is […]

Big Gay Day Video Shoot

  On Saturday, March 6, 2016, my colleague Jesse and I attended Big Gay Day at the Wickham in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. He interviewed people and I shot footage for Scenestr. Was a great learning opportunity and a lot of fun as well! Meeting Courtney Act was lovely. Looking forward to doing more filming […]

‘Gaybies’ Review

Gaybies @ MELT Festival Review ‘Gaybies’ is an emotionally-charged, political but funny look at the children of gay parents and their diverse upbringings. Written by Dean Bryant and directed by Kris Stewart, the play comprises of local talent who read aloud testimonials of what actual people have written from the ages 4 to 40 about […]

Australia’s Wildest Wog Is Getting Hitched

  If the name Mary Coustas doesn’t ring any bells, Effie Stephandis might. And bells are ringing her way – wedding bells. The stereotypical, wise-cracking Greek goddess Mary created to most Aussies is guaranteed to raise a smile. It was the late ’80s and after having success with a stage show, ‘Wogs Out Of Work’, […]

The Triffid Caters For The Hungry As Well

  John Collins The Triffid’s John Collins is celebrating a new achievement: his pub, the Triffid has just had its first birthday and launched a mouthwatering new menu. “We had our first birthday in November. We launched a new menu around that time. Ben O’Donoghue from Billy Kart designed the Triffid burger which is made […]

Retro Made For The Futurismus

  When the past has passed, but the future is yet to come, there are as many questions as there are answers. Should we laugh at the flying cars predicted in ‘The Jetsons’ iconic space cartoon 50 years ago, or will one day people, or other beings, laugh at us for our iPads, Smart TV’s […]