‘Gaybies’ Review

Gaybies @ MELT Festival Review ‘Gaybies’ is an emotionally-charged, political but funny look at the children of gay parents and their diverse upbringings. Written by Dean Bryant and directed by Kris Stewart, the play comprises of local talent who read aloud testimonials of what actual people have written from the ages 4 to 40 about […]

Interview with Leroy Gomez

Leroy Gomez  Most disco fans will remember the line “I’m just a soul who’s intentions are good… oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood,” and what followed was a most unique take on the 1960s classic, perfectly updated with enough pizzazz to rocket Santa Esmeralda to No.15 in the U.S (and No.1 on the […]

Gay Pride Photos Sunshine Coast

  (published 29/Feb/16 http://gaynewsnetwork.com.au/out-about/event/27022016-fair-day-sunshine-coast-pride-eumundi-photos-lloyd-copper#1)

Purred Lines: Rum Tum Tugger’s Modernising Cats

Write up of the character Rum Tum Tugger played by Daniel Assetta in the performance of ‘Cats’.

Australia’s Wildest Wog Is Getting Hitched

  If the name Mary Coustas doesn’t ring any bells, Effie Stephandis might. And bells are ringing her way – wedding bells. The stereotypical, wise-cracking Greek goddess Mary created to most Aussies is guaranteed to raise a smile. It was the late ’80s and after having success with a stage show, ‘Wogs Out Of Work’, […]

The Triffid Caters For The Hungry As Well

  John Collins The Triffid’s John Collins is celebrating a new achievement: his pub, the Triffid has just had its first birthday and launched a mouthwatering new menu. “We had our first birthday in November. We launched a new menu around that time. Ben O’Donoghue from Billy Kart designed the Triffid burger which is made […]

Born Into The Bizarre: Baby With The Bathwater

  If you like your theatre a bit like politics – absurd and sometimes contradictory – then ‘Baby With The Bathwater’ might be your cup of tea. Originally written by Christopher Durang in the early ’80s, the play has been suitably updated to include references the audience will be more familiar with. Danxia Yang plays […]

Retro Made For The Futurismus

  When the past has passed, but the future is yet to come, there are as many questions as there are answers. Should we laugh at the flying cars predicted in ‘The Jetsons’ iconic space cartoon 50 years ago, or will one day people, or other beings, laugh at us for our iPads, Smart TV’s […]

Reggae artist preaches tolerance

Jamaica is known as a no-go zone for gay people. With reports of mob brutality and reggae artists who glamorise violence against gay people in their music, things got so bad, in 2006, Time Magazine asked: “Is this the most homophobic place on Earth?” Now Jamaican LGBT’s have an ally, and  one that might surprise […]

Out In Africa

Africa continues to hit the gay news headlines for all the wrong reasons. Lloyd Copper uncovers recent developments in Ghana and asks: what would we do in their place? Last month, Paul Aidoo, the Western Regional Minister in Ghana, ordered the arrest of all homosexual persons in the west of the country. He also urged […]