2016 Sea N Sound Festival @ The Wharf Tavern Review

2016 Sea N Sound Festival @ The Wharf Tavern Review

I attended the Sea N Sound Festival for Scenestr and reviewed three artists on Saturday, 11 June 2016. The Sunshine Coast has arguably been an untapped market for live music festivals. But that was all put to rest for the inaugural Sea N Sound Festival (11 June). Sahara Beck came on at 5pm to a […]

Velvet @QPAC

Velvet @ QPAC Review When people diss disco music, it’s easy to forget one crucial element that made it so powerful in it’s heyday – it had to be LOUD. ‘Velvet’ presented the music in its natural habitat and coupled with the stunning outfits, conceived by James Browne, the crowd were in for one hell […]

Paradise Valley @ Barbara Review

  When conjuring up images of iconic discos from the ‘70s, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Studio 54 was where it was at. And, sure it was an amazing club. But it also encompassed a class division that early disco was totally against. The Paradise Garage, was all about inclusivity however. Operating out of […]

‘Gaybies’ Review

Gaybies @ MELT Festival Review ‘Gaybies’ is an emotionally-charged, political but funny look at the children of gay parents and their diverse upbringings. Written by Dean Bryant and directed by Kris Stewart, the play comprises of local talent who read aloud testimonials of what actual people have written from the ages 4 to 40 about […]