Beyond The Pale With Single Asian Female

  Image © Dylan Evans Back in the early ‘90s, a semi-thrilling thriller called ‘Single White Female’ hit the cinemas. Its premise was a woman looking for the aforementioned lady in the title and her new roomie turning out to be a little unhinged (that’s what you get for racial profiling). A couple of decades […]

Black Mountain Back For Album Number Four

Black Mountain’s keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt wants to talk about space. Not necessarily the sci-fi kind, but in regards to the band’s output, whether it be on their eponymous 2005 album or their fourth album, ‘IV’, that dropped in April. “Dynamic space within longer songs, which takes a longer time to unfold is what I feel […]

Getting Bang For Your Buck

For a band that’s only been a unit for just over a year, Buck Dean And The Green Lips are already securing some enviable gigs. With their second EP just released, and having just performed at the Big Pineapple Music Festival, it looks like the lads are going to remain busy this year. The Sunshine […]

Chancellor Park Politics in the Pub with Anthony Albanese

For my CMN249 assignment (“TV and Video”) with the effervescent Rosanna Natoli as our tutor, I, along with my mate Cam Brooks shot footage and interviewed Anthony Albanese, Scott Anderson and Bill Gissane from Labor.   Myself and Anthony Albanese.

Radio Birdman Flying Again

Radio Birdman Flying Again © Anne Tek The music industry loves to categorise bands. For Radio Birdman – who formed in the ‘70s – the label ‘punk’ has been both a curse and a blessing. “We never identified ourselves as punk as a musical genre,” guitarist Deniz Tek says. “In the UK, we found it […]

Chopper’s New Nation: Anzakistan

  Before Eric Bana immortalised him in the classic Aussie film ‘Chopper’, Mark Read was infamous for his criminal antics: armed robbery, arson, and – when he was bored – torturing criminal members of the underworld with bolt cutters, hence his nickname. The real Chopper died from liver cancer in late 2013, leaving a void […]

Stars of Ska: The Melbourne Ska Orchestra Are Back

Stars Of Ska: Melbourne Ska Orchestra Are Back It’s been three years since the Melbourne Ska Orchestra (MSO) released their eponymous album. It generated lots of excitement and arguably put ska music back on the map. Now the orchestra is ready to drop their new album, ‘Sierra-Kilo-Alpha’, and conductor Nicky Bomba is feeling pumped. “We’re […]

Wes Carr: Feels Like Woah

  The old cliché ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ could apply perfectly to former ‘Australian Idol’ winner Wes Carr. After his first song ‘You’ hit the #1 spot in 2008, and another gold single ‘Feels Like Woah’ followed, it seemed Wes was about to emulate other talent show performers. However, while Wes is […]

Interview with Sidney Barnes

Tell us about the early years of Sidney Barnes?   Well I was born in West Virginia in 1941, and being black during that time (40’s & 50’s)in the South created certain complications . And growing up in that environment instead of making me bitter, it made me understand and appreciate people more, as strange […]

Courtney Act Is In The House

BRISBANE’S BIG GAY DAY: COURTNEY ACT IS IN THE HOUSE It’s been 13 years since Courtney Act wowed audiences on TV with her rendition of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ on Australian Idol. Since then, the self-described pansexual lass continues to raise questions and eyebrows about sexuality and a whole lot more, as Lloyd Copper found […]