Lloyd Copper

Beyond The Pale With Single Asian Female

  Image © Dylan Evans Back in the early ‘90s, a semi-thrilling thriller called ‘Single White Female’ hit the cinemas. Its premise was a woman looking for the aforementioned lady in the title and her new roomie turning out to be a little unhinged (that’s what you get for racial profiling). A couple of decades […]

R.I.P Pete Burns

  Image © Flickr 2001. I was a 17-year-old boy, miserable in a suburban high school. Relentlessly bullied for being a “faggot, poofter”, et al. I, as usual turned to music to quell my fears that society wasn’t as harsh as the boys at school threatened it would be. At a local record store, an […]

Black Mountain Back For Album Number Four

Black Mountain’s keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt wants to talk about space. Not necessarily the sci-fi kind, but in regards to the band’s output, whether it be on their eponymous 2005 album or their fourth album, ‘IV’, that dropped in April. “Dynamic space within longer songs, which takes a longer time to unfold is what I feel […]

Meddling With Midler: The Return Of Miss Bette

New York, 1973: Continental Baths manager Steve Ostrow was looking for a larger-than-life singer to take his clients minds off the dangerous landscape that existed outside its doors.  A deliciously sleazy paradise for gay men to congregate, the bathhouse was frequently raided by police as American society struggled to deal with the newfound atmosphere of […]

Ignition Ignites Again In Adelaide

Ignition Ignites Again In Adelaide Photo by Chris Herzfeld For 15 innovative years, Adelaide was treated to awe-inspiring dance routines by some of South Australia’s most promising choreographic talent. ‘Ignition’ is the brain-child of Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) Art Director Garry Stewart, who gave choreographers a chance to showcase their moves. Now, after a few […]

Loving Couple Battles On

    JULIE Maguire sat in her car with tears streaming down her face. The 67-year-old pensioner had just been told she had mitochondria disease, an incurable genetic disorder that would rob her of her energy, her muscle function and cause debilitating pain. The Yandina resident had been puzzled as to why her balance had […]

Out in Africa :Gay Life in Uganda

OUT IN AFRICA: GAY LIFE IN UGANDA CREATED ON // SATURDAY, 09 JULY 2016 Lloyd Copper spoke with gay and lesbian activists in Uganda to find out what conditions are like in the East African Republic with a notoriously repressive regime…   Martin* runs breathlessly through the stifling heat, wanting to call for help, but […]

Fishing for votes at Sippy Downs

On Election Day, July 2, 2016, I attended the polling booths at Sienna College to cover the Fisher region. I mingled with the effervescent Labor candidate Bill Gissane and Greens candidate Tony Gibson and that night attended the LNP function of LNP candidate Andrew Wallace, who won the seat. I also did vox pops with […]

Gissane and Wallace face off in online debate

Gissane and Wallace face off in online Q & A Lloyd Copper | 24th Jun 2016 2:07 PM Updated: 3:00 PM WHAT do asylum seekers, the National Broadband Networks and sub-contractors all have in common? They were all topics pitched to Bill Gissane and Andrew Wallace last night as the Fisher candidates answered questions that […]

Bandits nick hard-earned booze from uni students

I am very excited to be doing workplace experience at the Sunshine Coast Daily this Thursday. I often have ideas for stories and this one happened very close by, giving me the opportunity to interview and photograph the talent. Bandits nick hard-earned booze from uni students Lloyd Copper | 17th Jun 2016 8:08 AM University […]