Bandits nick hard-earned booze from uni students

I am very excited to be doing workplace experience at the Sunshine Coast Daily this Thursday. I often have ideas for stories and this one happened very close by, giving me the opportunity to interview and photograph the talent.

Bandits nick hard-earned booze from uni students

University of the Sunshine Coast Bar and Entertainment Club president Sam Argue.

University of the Sunshine Coast Bar and Entertainment Club president Sam Argue. Picture:Lloyd Copper

Volunteers at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Student Guild Club discovered the theft yesterday.

A bolt cutter was used to break into the back office where hundreds of dollars’ worth of alcohol that the Bar and Entertainment Club use for their fortnightly parties, was stolen.

BEC club president Sam Argue said that it had taken years for himself and his committed team of volunteers to save up for the liquor.

“The student BEC is a not-for-profit group that is completely self-funded and our idea is to create a social atmosphere that is fun for students on campus to meet and socialise with new people.

“People know we also supply food to hungry students and that we run on a very limited budget.

“I just think it’s a really low act for someone to come and steal from a club that is run on the bare minimum and then it’s just taken away from the students in one night.”

Police attended the club, which also offers an advocacy service, and dusted for fingerprints which were left on the window pane that was smashed to allow the intruder/s in.

Mr Argue said that this was the fourth time this year that the club had been broken into.

“We believe they must have had a car, because they wouldn’t have been able to just walk out with it.

“We have heard that there were two cars parked outside the Guild at 1am, but we’re still unsure of who these cars belonged to, and what the type of cars were.

“We do have security cameras around the place so hopefully we can pinpoint exactly who’s taken this.”

Police are reviewing the footage.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.

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  1. The club has been broken into four times this year? Why did it even happen a second time? Something needs seriously fixing.

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