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Getting Bang For Your Buck

For a band that’s only been a unit for just over a year, Buck Dean And The Green Lips are already securing some enviable gigs.

With their second EP just released, and having just performed at the Big Pineapple Music Festival, it looks like the lads are going to remain busy this year.

The Sunshine Coast band comprises Nick Daniels on rhythm guitar, his brother Brent on drums, Trent Bray on bass, and Derek Murray on lead guitar (who is taking over from Tom Balle who’s about to head overseas).

All local guys, Nick has found the Sunshine Coast to be accommodating – mostly – of the band. “We don’t play into the politics of the Coast.” he says. “Hearing you can’t play certain venues within two weeks of each other, things like that. We say yes to every gig. That’s what we’ve been doing and it is what’s working for us.

“A lot of venues are shying away from bands because of the noise. Everywhere has the decibel level limit, which is hard to control when you’ve got an acoustic drum kit belting out 100dbs all by itself! There seems to be a bit of hype with music on the Sunshine Coast. Band-wise, it’s definitely on the improve.”

The guys recorded their self-titled first EP at Sleepwalk Studio in Coolum in 2015. It featured house-party jams such as ‘Yesterday’s Spliff’ and ‘Let Me Know’. While the band hasn’t altered their rock aesthetics for the new EP ‘Bang Bang’, there has been a difference in the recording process. “We’ve been trying to get a bit more complex,” Nick says.

“After you listen to it a thousand times, you get an idea of what you want to do different the next time. I think this EP has more mature songwriting, better songs and a better sound.”

The EP came together under the watchful eye of Elliot Heinrich, studio owner and producer of Triple J favourite Ayla. “He came along to a few of our shows in the early days and we’d heard about Heliport Studios in Buderim and the sounds you can get out of there,” Nick says.

“We approached him and asked if he’d record us. Some of the songs were on the first or second take. It was a good way to record compared to last time. We probably weren’t happy enough with our first EP as we were still learning then, so this new one we might send off to Richard Kingsmill and see what he’s got to say!”

The band have featured on Triple J’s ‘Unearthed’, but despite obvious respect for the station, Nick is wary of not wanting to put his band in a box. “Some bands seem to get picked up by Triple J, but then can’t really play or do anything unless Triple J give them the ok. It seems like they have a bit of a monopoly on the Australian music scene at the moment. So as stoked as I’d be to get on there, I wouldn’t be loyal to them or anything.

“I listen to [Triple J] every day. You don’t hear a lot of rock & roll on there anymore, that’s for sure. It seems to have been going in another direction in the last few years. Electronic music is a huge thing, that’s what people want to hear, so that’s what they’re playing, but I think they should try and do a bit more for bands having a crack.”

However, the guys are having a blast and enjoying the journey with all of its twists and turns. “Just the other night we played at a mate’s party in Imbil near Gympie. We’ve been there fishing a few times before and only ever seen three people at the pub. So we played out there and all the locals invited us back to their house and the next thing you know, the sun is up and we’re all sitting on tractors and shit, all sorts of shenanigans. We’re just young guys having fun, playing high-energy rock.”

(originally published Scenestr http://scenestr.com.au/music/getting-bang-for-your-buck-and-the-green-lips )

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  1. Funny thing about venues’ reluctance to book harder-rocking bands — I’m encountering that myself.

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